Saving Grace Ministry

Saving Grace Ministry

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Community Outreach for Spiritual Nourishment 

Saving Grace Ministry is a non-denominational church established more than a year ago by Pastor Gary Grubbs in Eden, North Carolina. We are a King James Bible-based ministry with a mission to: 

  • Create a better future for families powered by the grace of God
  • Introduce families to the life-changing teachings of Jesus
  • Promote understanding and appreciation of the value of God’s will
  • Spread the word of God among people of all persuasions


We envision communities where people find shelter in the grace of God and lead productive lives free from hunger and homelessness.


Saving Grace Ministry’s mission is to spiritually enlighten members of communities so that they can follow worthwhile lifestyles. 

Get on the Right Track 

Learn about the ways of Jesus and discover the illuminating truth in His words. Be part of what we do while helping other people rebuild their lives.